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How to Choose the Perfect Velo Sunglass Lens Color


Velo sunglasses are stylish and high-performance eyewear designed for active outdoor use. Known for their lightweight yet durable frames, Velo sunglasses have various lens colors to enhance vision and protection in different light conditions.

Key features of Velo sunglasses include:

  • Sporty wrap-around frames with rubber nose pads and temple tips for a secure fit
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses to prevent eye injuries
  • 100% UVA/UVB protection
  • Advanced lens coatings to reduce glare and enhance contrast
  • Vented lenses to prevent fogging

Velo sunglasses have lenses in slate grey, bronze, or rose pink. Each lens color has unique benefits depending on the activity and lighting environment. This guide will provide tips for choosing the right Velo lens color.

Lens Color Options

Velo sunglasses come in three main lens color options:

  • Slate: This dark gray lens has 15% visible light transmission (VLT) and reduces glare in bright sunlight.
  • Bronze: The bronze lens has a brown tint with 12% VLT. Bronze lenses provide excellent glare-cutting ability for very bright conditions.
  • Rose: Rose lenses have a pinkish tint and allow 22% VLT. The rose color enhances contrast in variable-light environments.

As we’ll explore next, the different tints and VLT percentages allow the lenses to excel in certain lighting situations.

How Lens Color Affects Vision

SunglassesThe tint and darkness of sunglasses impact how they filter light and enhance vision in different conditions. Darker lenses, like slate gray or bronze, reduce glare by blocking more light from entering the eyes. This makes them ideal for very bright, direct sunlight. Lighter ro-e-colored lenses allow more light transmission, enhancing contrast and depth perception. Rose lenses are great for activities in variable lighting, like trail running through sun and shade.

The specific color tint also filters out certain wavelengths of light. For example, bronze lenses block blue light waves, improving contrast and definition. Gray lenses maintain accurate color perception. Different lens colors have benefits but subtly change how you see color. Ultimately, the tint impacts the visual experience and which activities it is suited for.

Matching Lens Color to Activity

Selecting the right sunglass lens color for your chosen activity and lighting conditions is crucial for maximizing performance and safety.

The slate grey lenses with 15% VLT are ideal for road cycling, running, water sports, and sunny days. The medium darkness reduces glare while allowing enough light transmission for these high-velocity sports. Slate grey lenses boost contrast on asphalt and pavement.

For very bright light conditions like skiing, snowboarding, and mountaineering, bronze lenses with 12% VLT are recommended. The brown tint absorbs bright glare from the snow while enhancing terrain contrast. Bronze lenses also help with depth perception.

Finally, the rose- or pink-tinted lenses with 22% VLT are ideal for activities like trail running and mountain biking, where lighting conditions vary. The lighter tint provides enough illumination while protecting the eyes from harsh glare. Rose lenses also boost contrast on the trail.

Additional Considerations

While matching the lens color to your typical lighting conditions and activities is essential, there are some other factors to consider when choosing your Velo sunglasses:

Personal style preference should play a role in your decision. The different lens colors each have a distinct look that impacts the aesthetics of the sunglasses. For example, bronze lenses give off a vintage, retro vibe, while rose lenses provide a more modern, stylish look. Choose the color you find most fashionable.

Consider versatility if you plan to use your sunglasses for various activities. The slate gray lens is the most versatile option since it works well in all lighting conditions, from bright sun to overcast days. Bronze also provides versatility across different environments.

Look into lens treatments like polarization, which cuts reflected glare for driving and water sports activities. This can enhance lenses of any color but does add cost. Velo offers polarized lens options across their slate, bronze, and rose sunglasses.

Those requiring prescription lenses can integrate them into all Velo sunglass frames and colors. This provides the vision correction they need while they enjoy the benefits of stylish, performance-oriented sunglasses.


In summary, Velo sunglasses come in various lens colors to match your style and optimize your vision for different activities and lighting conditions.

The slate grey lenses offer the darkest tint, reducing glare and eye fatigue on sunny days. Bronze-brown lenses also block bright light while enhancing contrast. For variable lighting, rose-pink lenses improve depth perception and visual acuity.

Match the slate lenses to road cycling, running, and water sports in direct sunlight. Bronze is ideal for very bright light when skiing and mountaineering. Rose lenses excel for lower-light activities like trail running and mountain biking.

Consider your personal style preferences and versatility needs when selecting a Velo lens color. Additional lens treatments, like polarization, can further reduce glare. Prescription options are also available.

With advanced technology and a range of lens tints, Velo sunglasses will cover you from dawn until dusk. Browse our full selection of stylish shades today!

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Velo sunglass lens colors, sizing, fit, and care:

What are the most common lens color options for Velo sunglasses?

Rose lenses: Velo offers the most common lens colors: slate, bronze, and rose. Slate lenses are dark gray with bronze lenses (VLT), bronze lenses are brown with 12% VLT, and rose lenses are pink with 22% VLT.

How do I choose the right size of Velo sunglasses?

To find your ideal Velo frame size, measure the width of your face across the cheekbones. Compare this measurement to Velo’s size chart to determine if you need a small, medium, or large frame for the best fit and coverage.

What are the best care and cleaning practices for Velo sunglasses lenses?

To keep your Velo lenses clean and scratch-free, gently wipe them daily with the included cleaning or microfiber cloth. Avoid using paper towels or harsh chemicals that can damage the lenses. Store the sunglasses in a protective case when not in use.


Choosing the right lens color for your Velo sunglasses is crucial to optimizing your vision and performance for the conditions you’ll be in. The color of the lens directly impacts the type and amount of light that reaches your eyes. Darker slate grey lenses are ideal for bright conditions, reducing glare so you can see clearly. Bronze lenses work well on the slopes, cutting glare while enhancing contrast. Pink rose lenses improve depth perception and detail in variable light. Consider when and where you’ll use your Velos to pick the most versatile lens. Don’t forget to add lens treatments like polarization, too.

With a better understanding of how lens color affects vision and activities, you can confidently shop for Velo sunglasses, knowing they’ll meet your needs. Visit our online store today to explore the full lens color and style options.

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